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Ravens vs Browns Recap

The Baltimore Ravens have finally decided to get back to the formula that has worked in the past and started running the football in the past 2 games. The Ravens defense shutdown Cleveland Browns Running Back Peyton Hillis like Ray Lewis promised and went on to winl 20 to 10. All Pro safety Ed Reed was hot and intercepted 2 passes. As a matter of fact, Ed Reed was so hot he actually caught on fire during the game! See a video clip below:

Ravens vs Saints Recap

It was a big win for the Baltimore Ravens who defeated the defending Superbowl champion New Orleans Saints 30 to 24 on Sunday. The Ravens played well on both sides of the ball and Ray Rice had an incredible performance. The Ravens also held on to a 4th quarter lead for a change and sent the Saints marching home disappointed.

Check out the Ravens vs Saints highlights below:

Saints Come Marching Into Town to Play Ravens

The defending Superbowl Champion New Orleans Saints come marching into town today to play our beloved Baltimore Ravens. If the Baltimore Ravens win this game, they will redeem themselves for losing several close games that they should have won. A win today would not make up for the loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it would help ease the pain.

Most analysts believe that the Saint’s quarterback Drew Brees is going to pick apart our secondary today. Today’s game would be golden opportunity for the Ravens defense to prove that it has what it takes to get us to the Superbowl. In order to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. If the Ravens could pull off a victory today, it would definitely give everyone more confidence moving forward into the playoffs.

Another 4th Quarter Heart Attack for Ravens Fans in Texans Game

The Baltimore Ravens seem to give their fans heart attacks in the 4th quarter in almost every game this year. This game seemed like it was going to be an easy win at first for the Ravens who led by as much as 21 points at one point. The Houston Texans however managed to march down the field repeatedly in the 4th quarter and eventually tied it up at 28 points sending the game to overtime.

The Ravens got the ball first in overtime which gave the D some much needed rest even though the offense didn’t do much. Just when it looked like the Ravens were going to blow another game that they should’ve won, Josh Wilson came up big. Wilson intercepted a pass and ran it back for the game winning score. Game over. Ravens win 34 to 28.

Steelers Beat the Ravens 13 to 10

It was a defensive battle and a close game just like most of the Ravens vs Steelers games in the past few years. The Baltimore Ravens pounded Ben Roethlisberger early leaving him with a bloody broken nose early in the game courtesy of Haloti Ngata. It wasn’t enough however, as the Steelers returned the favor by forcing a Joe Flacco fumble in the 4th quarter. I honestly can’t hate the Steelers for their win today. They earned it with the toughness of Ben Roethlisberger and better play calling.

With the exception of the pathetic pass at the end of the game, I thought Joe Flacco played fairly well. He probably should have audibled out or got rid of the ball sooner on that play when he fumbled though. Oh well, maybe the Baltimore Ravens will sweep the table and win the last four games. I doubt it but let’s hope for the best.

Ravens vs Steelers Game is the War in Bmore

The Baltimore Ravens vs the Pittsburgh Steelers game will basically be a war between two great teams known for having strong defenses. Both teams are have 8 wins and 3 losses and are battling for the AFC North title. This will be the game of the week to watch especially for Ravens fans. If the Ravens win this game, they will most likely be the AFC North champions this year and will get a home playoff game in Baltimore. The Baltimore Ravens are currently undefeated at home this year and we want it to stay that way at the end of the day.

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