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Ed Reed Comments on Joe Flacco

The story of the day is about Ed Reed’s comments that he made on SiriusXM NFL Radio about Joe Flacco. Personally, I think the media took Ed Reed’s comments and blew them out of proportion. I’ve listened to fans call in to radio talk shows upset by the comments. Some of these same fans acting upset probably have made more harsh criticisms of Joe Flacco in the past. Yeah, the timing of these comments may have been bad but it is what it is. Joe Flacco has very tough skin so maybe he’ll use this as motivation to have a great game against the Patriots. Like I said in a previous article, all Joe Flacco has to do is win a Superbowl and he’ll silence the critics.
I personally had no problem with the way Joe Flacco played against the Houston Texans. He threw 2 touchdown passes against a top rated defense and had no interceptions. If anything, I was embarrassed by the fact we couldn’t convert in short yardage situations. The offensive line was horrible. They gave up 5 sacks. Joe Flacco is probably the most durable quarterback in the NFL and it is a wonder that he never gets hurt. He is the best quarterback that the Ravens have had even though that isn’t saying much considering who we’ve had.

Here is a clip of ESPN analysts discussing Ed Reed’s comments:

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