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Ravens vs Bengals Poem

Ravens vs Bengals Game on 10/26/14

I had such high hopes going in
that the Ravens would go on the road and get the win
A divisional game so it’s time to play like studs
But it was the Bengals who drew first blood
And even though 6 points in the red zone is enough to tempt me.
We did the same sh_t the 1st game and came up empty
It was early in the game and we were not needy
Plus we have Legatron so why be greedy?
Then Flacco got picked off again and I felt the shame
So I cracked another beer just to ease the pain
But just when it looked like it wasn’t our day
Big Haloti Ngata made a hell of a play!
It wasn’t enough though so maybe we didn’t deserve this
I knew those 3 points we did not get early would come back to hurt us
They called Steven Smith’s TD back. Man those reps suck!
We lost 27 to 24 and all I can say is what the f_ck
(c) 2014

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Ravens vs Falcons Poem

Ravens vs Falcons Game on 10/19/14

The Falcons have some decent weapons on their roster
But no weapons formed against our team shall prosper
It’s close to Halloween but there was nothing to fear
And the first TD to Owen Daniels kinda made that clear
Even before that score I never really had a doubt
Kicking ass at home is what this team is about
And even though Flacco threw a couple interceptions
The way the Ravens defense played, we didn’t need perfection
And I am sorry to have to bust our opponent’s bubble
But when Torrey Smith gets hot, u know u in trouble
In our house the Ravens are the only birds that fly
I did not see one Falcon up in the sky
They come to Baltimore happy and go back home crying
Just ask the whole Falcons team if u think I am lying
No mas! No mas! They don’t want no more!
29 to 7 was the final score
(c) 2014

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Ravens vs Bucs Poem

Ravens vs Bucs Game on 10/12/14

I told my girlfriend to leave me alone so I can watch this massacre
No interruptions on Sunday is all that I ask of her
So I went down to the man cave to get some peace
and to watch Joe Flacco play like a beast!
The Ravens offense moved the ball down the field with ease
Torrey Smith set the tone with the first 2 TDs
I knew we would go down to Tampa and kick some asses
But I didn’t expect Flacco to throw 5 TD passes!
And with Forsett running the ball so nice
I totally forgot all about Ray Rice
Sorry Bucs fans but I just had to laugh
This game was over before the end of the first half.
The Ravens players who played barely broke a sweat
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48 to 17 was the final score
Yeah today was a good day for Baltimore
(c) 2014

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Ravens vs Colts Poem

Ravens vs Colts Game on 10/5/14

Turnover after turnover what the F__k
Did a few of our players get paid off by Luck?
All of of a sudden our O-line giving up the sacks
I was getting tired of seeing Flacco on his back
The defense played their asses off without a doubt
The offense well they kept going 3 and out
Run the ball more! When will Ravens learn that lesson?
Doesn’t anybody value time of possession?
Did Steve Smith play? If so he was quiet and humble
Oh yeah I remember now, he was the first one to fumble
But I can’t diss him because he is my favorite player
I mean just last week I would have elected him mayor
And for the 40 and over fans reading this doesn’t it seem
kinda strange to get beaten by your former team? remembers Irsay and those Mayflower trucks
The bright side is next week we get to play those scrubby Bucs
(c) 2014