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  • Home of the 2000 & 2013 Superbowl Champion Ravens!!!

    Home of the 2000 & 2013 Superbowl Champion Ravens!!!

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    Baltimore City: Home of the Baltimore Ravens!!!

Ravens vs Falcons Poem

Ravens vs Falcons Game on 10/19/14

The Falcons have some decent weapons on their roster
But no weapons formed against our team shall prosper
It’s close to Halloween but there was nothing to fear
And the first TD to Owen Daniels kinda made that clear
Even before that score I never really had a doubt
Kicking ass at home is what this team is about
And even though Flacco threw a couple interceptions
The way the Ravens defense played, we didn’t need perfection
And I am sorry to have to bust our opponent’s bubble
But when Torrey Smith gets hot, u know u in trouble
In our house the Ravens are the only birds that fly
I did not see one Falcon up in the sky
They come to Baltimore happy and go back home crying
Just ask the whole Falcons team if u think I am lying
No mas! No mas! They don’t want no more!
29 to 7 was the final score
(c) 2014

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Ravens vs Bucs Poem

Ravens vs Bucs Game on 10/12/14

I told my girlfriend to leave me alone so I can watch this massacre
No interruptions on Sunday is all that I ask of her
So I went down to the man cave to get some peace
and to watch Joe Flacco play like a beast!
The Ravens offense moved the ball down the field with ease
Torrey Smith set the tone with the first 2 TDs
I knew we would go down to Tampa and kick some asses
But I didn’t expect Flacco to throw 5 TD passes!
And with Forsett running the ball so nice
I totally forgot all about Ray Rice
Sorry Bucs fans but I just had to laugh
This game was over before the end of the first half.
The Ravens players who played barely broke a sweat
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48 to 17 was the final score
Yeah today was a good day for Baltimore
(c) 2014

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Ravens vs Colts Poem

Ravens vs Colts Game on 10/5/14

Turnover after turnover what the F__k
Did a few of our players get paid off by Luck?
All of of a sudden our O-line giving up the sacks
I was getting tired of seeing Flacco on his back
The defense played their asses off without a doubt
The offense well they kept going 3 and out
Run the ball more! When will Ravens learn that lesson?
Doesn’t anybody value time of possession?
Did Steve Smith play? If so he was quiet and humble
Oh yeah I remember now, he was the first one to fumble
But I can’t diss him because he is my favorite player
I mean just last week I would have elected him mayor
And for the 40 and over fans reading this doesn’t it seem
kinda strange to get beaten by your former team? remembers Irsay and those Mayflower trucks
The bright side is next week we get to play those scrubby Bucs
(c) 2014

Steve Smith Sr. – I Call Him Stiff Armatron

If Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is Legatron then wide reveiver Steve Smith Sr. must be Stiff Armatron! Steve Smith uses the stiff arm better than most running backs and he is a small wide receiver. Don’t let his size fool you though because he is a Lil Bully that bullies the other teams secondary week after week.

I knew Steve Smith Sr. would have a great day against his former team the Carolina Panthers. Not only did he win me some money in my fantasy football league, but he also led the Ravens to an incredible victory by setting the tone early. Smith ended up with 2 amazing touchdown catches and 139 yards receiving. Smith also became the oldest player in NFL history to have 400 yards in his first 4 games playing for a team.

Well I guess if the Steelers crushed the Panthers and the Ravens crushed the Steelers then it is only logical that the Ravens would crush the Panthers.

The Baltimore Ravens are now undefeated in Steve Smith Bowls, Harbowls, and Superbowls!!! LOL Go Ravens!!!

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All Eyes on Steve Smith Sr.

Some are calling the Ravens vs Panthers game the Steve Smith Bowl.  One team’s trash is another team’s treasure in the NFL.  The Carolina Panthers cut Steve Smith Sr. last year allowing the Baltimore Ravens to acquire this dynamic veteran wide receiver.

Steve Smith Sr. has played extremely well during the first 3 games of the season for the Ravens.  He has a “Get Off Me” attitude stiff arming opponents on his way to the end zone.  I call him the Lil Bully.   Steve Smith Sr. has 18 receptions for 290 yards and a TD thoughout the first 3 weeks.  He is emerging as my favorite player on the Ravens.

All eyes will be on Steve Smith Sr. during the Ravens vs Panthers game which will take place at 1pm Eastern time today.  Many believe he will be motivated to go against his former team and he should have a great day.  If the Carolina Panthers key in on Smith then it may open up things for Torrey Smith.  It should be a good game to watch.  Fon News talks about the Ravens cultue of building billies in the following video:

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Ravens Shatter Hopes and Dreams of Cleveland Browns

I’m sorry Cleveland Browns fans, but the Baltimore Ravens own yall asses!  LOL   In spite of  all the distractions with the Ray Rice scandal and the fact that the Browns were playing at home they still could not defeat the Baltimore Ravens!  The Ravens continue to dominate the Browns as the Ravens defeated them once again in their own house.  That right!  The Ravens went into hostile territory and came away with another victory.  Yes, the Ravens kicked the Browns asses in their own house!

Okay, I won’t brag too much because it was a close game, but we have the better field goal kicker.  We have Justin Tucker and the Browns have our exiled reject Billy Cundiff for a kicker.  This was the difference as Justin Tucker kicked the winning field goal for the Ravens.  Billy Cundiff on the other hand, missed a field goal for the Browns and also had a kick blocked.  That turned out to be the difference in this closely fought game.

The good news for Ravens fans is that we beat the Brown once again by a score of 23 to 21.  Rookie Running Back Lorenzo Taliaferro got his first start and took advantage of it by rushing for 91 yards and a TD. Steve Smith Sr. had 101 yards receiving in the game and is turning into our #1 clutch wide receiver. There was some bad news for the Ravens fans though as TE Dennis Pitta was injured and sidelined during the game.

There is nothing but bad news for Cleveland Browns fans. The Ravens shattered the hopes and dreams of the Cleveland Browns once again. This was an opportunity for the Browns to prove they belong in the AFC North but they still have to bow down to the Purple and Black bullies.

Go Ravens!!!

Will Ravens Dominance Continue Against the Browns?

The Baltimore Ravens have always dominated the Cleveland Browns since the team has been in existence. Joe Flacco usually has his some of his best games statistic wise versus the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens vs Browns game is very important because the Ravens already have one loss in the division and can’t afford another divisional loss this early in the season.

This will be the first game on the road for the Ravens so it will be interesting to see how they react to the hostile crowd in Cleveland. The Ravens looked very impressive against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night but the Cleveland Browns look like they are much improved.

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Baltimore Ravens Cut Running Back Ray Rice

Yes, it is true! The Baltimore Ravens have cut running back Ray Rice today! The NFL has also announced that Rice is now suspended indefinitely.

Ravens vs Bengals Game Ends in a Heartbreaking Loss

The Ravens vs Bengals game was a heart breaker. The Ravens were down 15 to 0 at the end of the first half mainly due to dropped passes, a fumble, an a bone headed play by quarterback Joe Flacco. Not to mention a rarely missed field goal by kicker Justin Tucker.

The Ravens battled back however to take the lead were up 16 to 15 late in the 4th quarter. Andy Dalton then went deep to his bread and butter wide receiver A.J. Green for a touchdown to give the Bengals a 23 to 16 lead. Joe Flacco managed to drive into Bengals territory with a chance to win but the offensive line gave up 2 untimely sacks which sealed the loss for the Ravens.

The Ravens are currently preparing to play the division rival Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.

Ray Rice’s Public Apology

Ray Rice gave a public apology for his behavior regarding the domestic violence incident between he and his wife. The incident led to Ray Rice getting suspended for the first 2 games of the season. Here is a video clip of the Ray Rice apology.

Hopefully Ray Rice has learned his lesson from the incident. He says he and his wife both plan to speak out against domestic violence in the future.