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Willis McGahee Going to Denver Broncos

After being officially released by the Baltimore Ravens this week, it is reported that running back Willis McGahee has agreed to a three-year, $7.5 million deal with the Denver Broncos on Friday. Willis McGahee is a player that I will miss. He was probably the most talented backup running back the Ravens have had since Priest Holmes. Willis McGahee was known for getting TDs in the red zone and had one of the most vicious stiff arms in the NFL. I wish him well in Denver except when they the play the Ravens.

Check out the video clip of one of the most memorable Willis McGahee plays:

Ravens in Free Agent Frenzy

As you should know by now, the Ravens have released Todd Heap, Willis McGahee, Derrick Mason, and Kelly Gregg. This news has caused many Ravens fans to panic seeing that these are some of the favorite veteran players on the team. Todd Heap and Derrick Mason have been the favorite targets for quarteback Joe Flacco in the past. It is kind of hard to see how our offense will improve with the release of these guys. Hopefully, the Ravens will be able to resign a couple of them at a lower price in the near future.

On another note, it is reported that cornerback Josh Wilson has already signed with another team and won’t be back as well. The Ravens have not brought in any big name free agent from another team so far. Other teams such as the New England Patriots and New York Jets are trying to make some major moves. The Patriots just signed Chad Ochocinco and the Jets have resigned Santonio Holmes.