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Baltimore Ravens Parade and Superbowl Victory Celebration

The City of Baltimore will host a parade today in downtown Baltimore to celebrate the Baltimore Ravens winning the Superbowl. The parade will start at City hall around 10:45 and end at M & T Bank stadium. The will be free parking in stadium lots and the parade is free to all Baltimore Ravens fans! Come on out and show your support for the World Champion Baltimore Ravens!

For more info about the Baltimore Ravens Parade and Superbowl Victory Celebration, please click here.

Baltimore Ravens: Superbowl Champions

All hail the Superbowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. Despite having to survive a bazaar power outage that gave the San Francisco 49ers a chance to regroup and spotting the 49ers 2 points by giving up a safety, the Ravens win Superbowl 47!

Ravens win by score of 34 to 31 in what turned out to be the longest game in Superbowl history!

Superbowl 47: Ravens vs 49ers Analysis

The San Francisco 49ers are the favorites to win the Superbowl today. The 49ers have a rookie quarterback however. This rookie quarterback has never faced the likes of Ray Lewis or Ed Reed.

Have people forgotten how this Baltimore Ravens defense completely shut out the New England Patriots in the second half of the AFC Championship game. Have they forgotten how the Baltimore defense dominated the first Harbowl?

Both teams have alot of weapons on offense and good defenses. I am looking for Ray Lewis to get his 2nd ring though and Joe Flacco to get more respect throughtout the league when the Ravens win the Superbowl. I am drinking the purple Kool-Aid and I am taking the Rvens all the way.

The Ravens have come much too far to lose this game. If Jim Harbaugh beats us with a rookie quarterback then the 49ers deserve to win.

Predition: Ravens 24 49ers 17

Jonathan Ogden: Hall of Famer

Jonathan Odgen will be a member of the 2013 NFL Hall of Fame class. Ogden was an incredible offensive lineman and free of nature. He is no doubt the best offensive lineman in Baltimore Ravens history.

Here are some highlights of Jonathan Ogden’s career:

Ray Lewis: The Last Ride

Since Ray Lewis announced that this will be his last ride, we have seen nothing but superior football from the Baltimore Ravens. It seems like Ray Lewis may have saved his best for last over the past few weeks. This isn’t easy to do because Ray Lewis has so many great highlights over the course of his career.

You can see some of the Ray Lewis highlights in the video below:

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