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The Ravens Pass Rush vs the Passer Aaron Rodgers

It will be the Baltimore Ravens pass rush versus the elite passer Aaron Rodgers today in Baltimore. The rain will hopefully slow down the offense of the Green Bay Packers. Terrell Suggs has been a beast so far this year and hopefully he’ll be able to get his hands on Aaron Rodgers. Joe Flacco tends to play much better at home and hopefully he’ll be able to do just enough to help the Ravens get the victory. I’m picking the Ravens to win at home in a very close game.

Go Ravens!!!

Ray Lewis May Haven Been Right About Ravens

Ray Lewis may have been right about the Ravens lack of leadership. Ray Lewis made headlines for this comment after the Jacoby Jones incident. Several Ravens players were offended by the comment , but Ray Lewis was probably right. I mean the way the Ravens played last week against the Buffalo Bills showed lack of leadership. The offensive line played horrible. Wide receivers were dropping passes. Joe Flacco threw the ball 50 times with 5 interceptions. The Baltimore Ravens completely abandoned the running which we all know usually results in a loss. The Ravens have yet to win a game on the road and all this points to lack of leadership.

I mean how can you replace a leader like Ray Lewis? If you don’t know what kind of leadership Ray Lewis brought when he was here then check out the following video: