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Falcons Blow 25 Point Lead in Superbowl!

Atlanta Falcons really showed their inexperience last night when they blew a 25 point lead in the 4th quarter to lose to the New England Patriots. Tom Brady couldn’t ask for a better comeback winning situation.
The Atlanta Falcons are definitely new to this thang they call the Superbowl

Ravens Lose First Game in 2016 Season

The Baltimore Raven lost to Oakland Raiders by a score of 28 to 27 today to the Oakland Raiders. This lost left a bad taste in my mouth because of the dropped passes on the final drive. The dropped pass by Chris Moore was extremely upsetting because Justin Tucker could have possibly had a chance to kick a game winning field goal.

The Ravens offensive line has not been impressive this season mainly because of our inability to run the football.
We need to also get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. If we don’t #24 is going to get burned!

Ravens Lose 28 to 24 Despite Great Performance by Steve Smith Sr.

Ben Roethlisberger Out for Thursday Night Game Against Ravens

Ravens to Battle Raiders on the Road Today

Terrell Suggs will be out for the 2015 NFL Season

The 2016 Ravens Calendars are Ready!

Baltimore Ravens 2016 Wall Calendar

Patriots Beat Seahawks in Superbowl

The Seahawks made one of the dumbest calls in Superbowl history on the goal line. They decided to throw the ball in middle rather than hand off to Beast Mode (Marshaun Lynch) and let him run it in with ease. This was a dumb ass risky move and Seattle paid the price for it.

Now we gotta listen to bullshit talk of how great Tom Brady is and listen to the media praise those cheating ass Patriots. Oh well, I hope the Ravens get their asses next year!

It Was an Interesting Year for Baltimore Ravens

Well the 2014 NFL football season is over and it was indeed an interesting year for the Baltimore Ravens football team. The biggest incident of the year was the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal that made national news. This led to Ray Rice’s public apology and the Ray Rice suspension and eventually his release from the Ravens roster..

Ray Rice ended up being replace by Ravens running back Justin Forsett. Forsett turned out to be a pleasant surprise and he rushed so well that Ray Rice was barely missed. Justin Forsett ended up rushing for 1,266 yards averaging a whopping 5.4 yards per carry.

The highlight of the 2014 season had to be getting back to the playoffs and beating our rival Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh in the Wild Card Game. Anytime we beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs it is a beautiful thing!

The Ravens season did end on a bad note by losing to those cheating ass New England Patriots however. The Ravens were whipping the Patriots asses until they started doing some tricky plays substituting ineligible receivers. It is all good though because we know we should have won that game not to mention the deflated football scandal. I really feel that if most of the key players return and we can stay healthy the Ravens have a good shot at winning the Superbowl next year.

Sugg picks off a pass with his legs

Ravens vs Bengals Poem

Ravens vs Bengals Game on 10/26/14

I had such high hopes going in
that the Ravens would go on the road and get the win
A divisional game so it’s time to play like studs
But it was the Bengals who drew first blood
And even though 6 points in the red zone is enough to tempt me.
We did the same sh_t the 1st game and came up empty
It was early in the game and we were not needy
Plus we have Legatron so why be greedy?
Then Flacco got picked off again and I felt the shame
So I cracked another beer just to ease the pain
But just when it looked like it wasn’t our day
Big Haloti Ngata made a hell of a play!
It wasn’t enough though so maybe we didn’t deserve this
I knew those 3 points we did not get early would come back to hurt us
They called Steven Smith’s TD back. Man those reps suck!
We lost 27 to 24 and all I can say is what the f_ck
(c) 2014

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