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Ravens Defense Gets Third Shutout Win of the Season

Although the Baltimore Ravens offense has stank for the majority of this season, the defense has shined at certain times. The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Green Bay Packers 23 to 0 yesterday to increase their chances for a possible Wildcard spot in the playoffs. This was the third shutout of the year by a Ravens defense which currently leads the league in interceptions.

Below Terrell Suggs and the gang celebrate after a sack on the poor Green Bay Packers quarterback:

Pass Happy Ravens Eat a Loss

The Baltimore Ravens just ate their fifth loss of the season. Last game Joe Flacco nearly had his head taken off by a vicious hit and went into the concussion protocol. I thought the Ravens would run and pound the football this week but instead Joe Flacco threw the ball 52 times which resulted in 2 interceptions. Running back Alex Collins had just 13 carries and Javarious Allen had just 7 carries. The result was a 23 to 20 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Even the New Orleans Saints which are known to be a passing team with a better quarterback in Dree Brees had a better run/pass balance this week. Dree Brees only threw the ball 27 times while running back Mark Ingram had 16 carries and Alvin Kamara had 10 carries. This illustrates what a good run/pass balance looks like and the result was a 30 to 10 Saints win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Why are Ravens so pass happy especially when Joe Flacco just had his head smashed to the point where his ear almost fell off the prior week?

Ravens Whip Dolphins Ass for Dirty Hit on Joe Flacco

The Baltimore Ravens were probably going to beat the Miami Dolphins anyway, but after the dirty hit on Joe Flacco they decided to really kick some Dolphin ass! It actually turned out to be the biggest shut out in Baltimore Ravens history! It was the worst ass whipping the Miami Dolphins received in the last 20 years!

Joe Flacco left the game with a head injury after a devastating hit while sliding. The Ravens defense responded by shutting the Dolphins down and the Ravens fried the fish with a score of 40 to 0. Go Ravens!

Ravens Need to Get Back to Playing Ravens Football

The Baltimore Ravens stink this year. Let’s be blunt. The Ravens are not built for Joe Flacco to be throwing the ball over 70% of the time. The Ravens need a balanced attack which will open up play action opportunities. The Ravens need to get back to running the ball and playing good defense. That is Ravens football.

Although Joe Flacco did not throw an interception in the game against the Minnesota Vikings this past Sunday, he didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard with points or rack up much yardage throwing the football. Joe Flacco has never really had amazing stats but he has at least been a winning quarterback earlier in his career. Flacco has thrown more interceptions than he has touchdowns this year. The Ravens need to commit to running the football at least until Joe Flacco gets his act together.

Baltimore Ravens Fall to Chicago Bears at Home

The Baltimore Ravens used to be very tough to beat at home. The Ravens let the Chicago Bears come into M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday and beat them with a rookie quarterback. That’s right our well paid veteran quarterback Joe Flacco got beat by a rookie quarterback at home. Joe Flacco threw two interceptions in the game and has looked horrible all season.

Eric Weddle looked like garbage and missed a key tackle in overtime and fell on his back and basically go ran over by Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard. The play led to the Chicago Bears winning field goal to make the final score 27 to 24 in OT. The play reminded me of the play when Eric Weddle let Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown overpower him at the goal line last Christmas in what became known as the immaculate extension. To Eric Weddle’s credit, he did accept full responsibility for the missed tackle.

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Falcons Blow 25 Point Lead in Superbowl!

Atlanta Falcons really showed their inexperience last night when they blew a 25 point lead in the 4th quarter to lose to the New England Patriots. Tom Brady couldn’t ask for a better comeback winning situation.
The Atlanta Falcons are definitely new to this thang they call the Superbowl

Ravens Lose First Game in 2016 Season

The Baltimore Raven lost to Oakland Raiders by a score of 28 to 27 today to the Oakland Raiders. This lost left a bad taste in my mouth because of the dropped passes on the final drive. The dropped pass by Chris Moore was extremely upsetting because Justin Tucker could have possibly had a chance to kick a game winning field goal.

The Ravens offensive line has not been impressive this season mainly because of our inability to run the football.
We need to also get more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. If we don’t #24 is going to get burned!

Ravens Lose 28 to 24 Despite Great Performance by Steve Smith Sr.

Ben Roethlisberger Out for Thursday Night Game Against Ravens

Ravens to Battle Raiders on the Road Today