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Ray Rice May Get the Franchise Tag

Ray Rice was the second leading rusher in the NFL in the 2011 season and had over 2,000 yards from scrimmage. Even though he performed as one of the best running backs in the NFL, it is reported that Ray Rice only earned $555,000 in 2011. It would be nice if the Baltimore Ravens could sign him to a long term deal, but it looks as though he may get the franchise tag.

The deadline is March 5th for the franchise tag, so hopefully a long tem deal would get signed by then. If the Baltimore Ravens give Rice the franchise tag he would get a one year deal worth 7.7 million. The worst case scenario would be if Ray Rice decides to hold out for a long term deal like Chris Johnson did last season for the Tennessee Titans.

Click here to View Ray Rice’s Career Stats Player Awards for 2011 Season

Ok it is time to announce the Player Awards for the Baltimore Ravens 2011 season. The awards are as follows:

Most Improved Ravens Player Award – This award goes to Lardarius Webb. Lardarius Webb stepped up his game in 2011 and is one the best cornerbacks in the league now. Many felt that he should have been selected to the Pro Bowl. Webb led the Ravens with 5 interceptions during the regular season. He had an additional 3 picks during the post season. Lardarius Webb Career Stats

Ravens Rookie of the Year Award – This award goes to Torrey Smith. Although Torrey struggles during the pre-season, he was a pleasant surprise during the 2011 regular season. His speed gave the Ravens the ability to stretch the field and opposing defenses must account for him. Taken in the 2nd round of the 2011 NFL draft, Torrey Smith made the most impact as a rookie in 2011. Torrey ended up with 841 yards receiving and 7 TDs in 2011. Torrey Smith’s Career Stats

Ravens Offensive Player of the Year Award – This award goes to Ray Rice. Ray Rice led the entire NFL in Total Yards from Scrimmage in 2011 with 2,068! When Ray Rice got his touches it usually equated to a Ravens victory. Ray Rice’s Career Stats

Ravens Defensive Player of the Year Award – This award goes to Terrell Suggs. Terrell Suggs was a beast on defense for the Baltimore Ravens in 2011 recording 14 sacks and 7 forced fumbles. Statistically, this was Terrell Sugg’s best year of his career. Go out and get your “Ball So Hard University T-Shirt” Terrell Sugg’s Career Stats

Ravens Leadership Award – This award goes to none other than Ray Lewis. Whether it was cheering on his teammates while on the sidelines or leading by example on the field, Ray Lewis has always been a great leader for the Ravens. Listening to the speech Ray Lewis gave after the big loss to the New England Patriots made me personally feel better and was an example of his amazing leadership skills. Ray Lewis’ Career Stats

Joe Flacco’s Contract is Next Up on Ravens Things to Do List

The Baltimore Ravens have already indicated that they would like to get Joe Flacco signed to a long term deal. The problem now is to come to an agreement on terms. Joe Flacco has helped the Baltimore Ravens appear in 4 straight playoff appearances since he became the Ravens starting quarterback in 2008. Joe Flacco even played better than Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots.

Flacco is going to want a lot of money in his new deal. I must say Flacco has been very durable during his first four years with the Ravens and pretty much never gets injured. It will be interesting to see what the terms of Joe Flacco’s contract will be. Hopefully the Ravens will be able to get a deal done and still have enough room to re-sign other much needed valuable players.